Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: The Bivings Report surveys the top 100 newspapers’ use of online offerings. “Socialmeter… scans several major link-tracking sites and spits back an analysis of your URL’s popularity” Darren Rowse discusses why bloggers call it quits. A brief but interesting article on 5 Ways to… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up

Non-Profit, on Purpose

The New York Times has a report on two magazine brands that are thriving: AARP and Consumer Reports. Their parallels to the success of online communities is a key ingredient: “…perhaps most vexing to publishers are the online rivals that at first blush do not appear commercially motivated. Instead, these companies start from a position… Continue reading Non-Profit, on Purpose

Over Blogulation

As magazine and newspaper publishers rush to convert their journalists to bloggers, we are quickly slipping into a state of blog overpopulation, as the masses gain confidence to speak up on the web. Earlier in the week, I linked to a much talked about blog entry from Nick Carr where he balked at the lack… Continue reading Over Blogulation

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Blog Ad Network at Washington Post

Steve Rubel reports that “the WashingtonPost has launched a brand new program that helps marketers find blogs to advertise on. It’s called the Sponsored Blogroll… advertisers can browse the network and find blogs to advertise on within their verticals. The bloggers and the Post split the ad dollars.” Darren Rowse had this to say: “It’s definitely an… Continue reading Blog Ad Network at Washington Post

Big Pharma Ups Web Ad Spending 25%

AdvertisingAge reports that large pharmaceutical companies are expected to Spend $1.3 Billion online by 2008. “Web publishers are already lining up to take their money.” “…instead of advertising particular medications, marketers are focusing more on providing information and a place for communities to gather on websites…”

Content Aggregation Changes Publishing

Folio: magazine looks at how content aggregation on the web has changed the rules of publishing: “Some of our competitors have our content on their sites and we have our competitors’ content on our site right now,” says Orum, referencing IDG’s Web site.”  The article points out that original content, and a unique overall… Continue reading Content Aggregation Changes Publishing

Podcasting Gear, Cheap

Pwop Productions gives their recommendations for podcasting equipment, for a total of $500. (Thanks to Robert Scoble for the pointer.) Robert also muses on his thought process in creating a new video podcast. And what the world needs now is Podcast awards.