Traditional Publishing in Jeopardy

From AdWeek, an article titled “Print is not Enough.” “If you’re a magazine publisher who believes print ads alone will remain a viable business, Robin Steinberg has a message for you: think again… pressure is mounting on magazines to offer advertisers multiplatform packages that tie-in to the Web, mobile and other appropriate digital media.” “Readers… Continue reading Traditional Publishing in Jeopardy

Citizen Journalism 101

Mark Glaser gives us “Your Guide to Citizen Journalism.” In it he gives a brief history of the concept with examples. Some excerpts: “One of the main concepts behind citizen journalism is that mainstream media reporters and producers are not the exclusive center of knowledge on a subject — the audience knows more collectively than… Continue reading Citizen Journalism 101

Cashing in on the Long Tail

David Berlind has a great post about a recent talk that AOL’s CEO John Miller recently gave about online growth and user generated media, among other topics. Excerpts from David’s summary of the talk: “…the bottom line is that if people are spending more of their time online, and the number of hours in the… Continue reading Cashing in on the Long Tail

Google Clarifies Content

Google clarified what its role in the world, in terms of content:”Because we don’t own this content, over the years we’ve come up with three primary principles to ensure that we respect content owners and protect their rights: we respect copyright; we let owners choose whether we index their content in our products; we try… Continue reading Google Clarifies Content

A Social Network Opens Up. MySpace for Adults?

In what will prove to be a great experiment, Facebook, the social network for university students, is opening up to everyone. Yes, that means you to: “This includes your friends who graduated pre-Facebook (yes, there was such a time), your friends who don’t have school or work email addresses, and your friends whose schools don’t… Continue reading A Social Network Opens Up. MySpace for Adults?

The Case for Publishing Innovation

Steven Outing asks “Why does the newspaper industry… have so much trouble adapting to the changing of the media environment brought on by the Internet and digital communications technologies?”He polled people within the industry and came up with this conclusion: “A huge part of the problem is that newspaper companies are still being run, mostly,… Continue reading The Case for Publishing Innovation

Online Advertising Shows Publishers Where the Money Is

A series of web advertising news this week. PaidContent reports on the state of internet advertising: a 37% increase year over year. “Pete Petrusky, Director, Entertainment & Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers: “With the seventh consecutive quarter of growth behind us we are confident that the Internet will continue to reconcile the imbalances between its share of… Continue reading Online Advertising Shows Publishers Where the Money Is

Comic Publishing Moves to the Web

The New York Times reports on the state of comics on the web. It seems that comics are confronting the same issues as other publishers: “We realize what a great promotional tool the Internet is,” [Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley] said. But like other print media, “we’re all waiting” as digital technologies create challenges and opportunities… Mr. Buckley… Continue reading Comic Publishing Moves to the Web

Customer Engagement Key to Online Success

The Washington Post profiles a new kind of ad-agency that: “…has nothing invested in any particular solution and nothing to gain by telling its clients to spend more rather than less, its pitch is that it can offer the least-biased, most-cost-effective solutions. The message resonates with companies dissatisfied by the payoff from traditional advertising.” Their… Continue reading Customer Engagement Key to Online Success