Cashing in on the Long Tail

David Berlind has a great post about a recent talk that AOL’s CEO John Miller recently gave about online growth and user generated media, among other topics. Excerpts from David’s summary of the talk:

“…the bottom line is that if people are spending more of their time online, and the number of hours in the day isn’t changing, then that time is coming from other media… The first force that’s changing the nature of fixed time is multitasking… Miller alluded to the fact that there’s a whole generation of consumers coming up that are open to absorbing multiple media streams simultaneously.”

Another topic he touched on was compression:

“…you don’t have to watch 90 minutes of SNL to see the really funny parts. For that, you just go to YouTube.”

And of course, he touched upon the long tail:

“With Internet-based consumption of content experiencing explosive growth (at the expense of other media), the number of content sources has created a hugely fragmented landscape that has made the “long tail” an undeniable reality for media companies. Miller pointed out that he wasn’t just refering to old or traditional media, but also to the so-called new media companies like Yahoo and AOL.”

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