News of the Week 2/28/08

Blogger, Sans Pajamas, Rakes Muck and a Prize “We now count on T.P.M. and other blogs to do the investigative work that reporters used to do.” Why I’m Hooked on Twitter Howard Rheingold lists the nine reasons he loves Twitter: openness, immediacy, variety, reciprocity, a channel to multiple publics, asymmetry, a way to meet people,… Continue reading News of the Week 2/28/08

Hire My Friend Diego

I had coffee with my friend Diego today. He is in the market for work in online marketing and business development. Smart, passionate guy. You can find out more about Diego in his LinkedIn profile.

Gallery of Melted Snowmen

We took a nice walk yesterday, and captured the plight of the snowpeople… I hope your week goes better than theirs!

More Consumption of Media — Less Revenue?

Rolling Stone has an article profiling record producer Clive Davis, titled “The Last Record Man.” (no link because its not on their website.) Clive characterizes the current state of the music industry: “You get rich in this economy by finding a way to charge for what has already been free. Water. TV. Radio. But the… Continue reading More Consumption of Media — Less Revenue?

A Glimpse into the Past and Future at Princeton University

We took a nice day trip to Princeton yesterday – walking through their campus is a favorite activity of ours. As so many people look to the university level to understand how students are using Facebook and social media in their lives, places like Princeton remind me that the core values and goals have not… Continue reading A Glimpse into the Past and Future at Princeton University

The Perfect February Morning

Snapped a photo this morning that perfectly captures February in my eyes: gray with icicles and stark trees. A good day for curling up with a book…

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