Blogger Gives up AdSense Over Ethical Issues

Darren Rowse points us to a post by a blogger who is giving up on using Google AdSense because of ethical issues. Trent Hamm runs a website called The Simple Dollar, which gives financial advice for “people fighting debt and bad spending habits.” His issue with AdSense: “…this automated bidding system allows anyone to bid,… Continue reading Blogger Gives up AdSense Over Ethical Issues

Google Launches Video Ads

Google is now offering YouTube videos in it popular AdSense advertising network: “We’re excited about the launch of video units — a new way to enrich your site with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player. Simply embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube partner content streamed to your site. You… Continue reading Google Launches Video Ads

Only Paying When You Receive: Google’s Pay-Per-Action

Google is testing a new ad system, called pay-per-action. Unlike their currend AdWords system, in which advertisers pay for each time a user clicks on their ad, pay-per-action is described this way: “Pay-per-action advertising is a new pricing model that allows you to pay only for completed actions that you define, such as a lead,… Continue reading Only Paying When You Receive: Google’s Pay-Per-Action

As Excitement Grows Around Web Advertising, so do Costs

The New York Times reports: “Ad Costs on the Web Are Rising, but Perhaps a Bit Irrationally.” “Prices for some online advertising are going up, and some retailers and brand marketers say the big question mark hanging over 2007 is whether publishers will be so emboldened by a strong advertising market that they will raise… Continue reading As Excitement Grows Around Web Advertising, so do Costs

The State of Online Advertising

Scott Karp takes an in depth look at the state of online advertising. He sees irony in a recent IAB campaign to convince advertisers to embrace the online medium: “…the campaign uses the same concept of “engagement” that newspaper and magazines have used to promote their shrinking mediums.” He references quite a number of issues… Continue reading The State of Online Advertising

Google Moves in on Niche Markets

Google is launching a customized search tool, moving in on niche markets, where smaller players have tried to be the “Google” of a certain industry. From the Financial Times: “By letting companies and individuals build their own specialised search engines, it will also create competition for the many new “vertical” search products that have recently… Continue reading Google Moves in on Niche Markets

Confusion: Online Ads, Web Metrics and RSS

Think about this for awhile: “Google is projected to pocket a full quarter of US online advertising market in 2006.” Marketwatch and eMarketer also report on this story. To help you get a piece of this pie, here are the Top 35 Most Profitable Keywords in AdSense system: “Expensive keyword” (high CPC) isn’t equal to… Continue reading Confusion: Online Ads, Web Metrics and RSS

Click Fraud

Steve Rubel pointed out a new BusinessWeek cover story on click fraud. The article looks at: “…a dizzying collection of scams and deceptions that inflate advertising bills for thousands of companies of all sizes. The spreading scourge poses the single biggest threat to the Internet’s advertising gold mine and is the most nettlesome question facing… Continue reading Click Fraud

Google AdSense in Email Newsletters

From Search Engine Journal: “Google AdSense… seems to be letting select publishers serve Google AdSense ads in newsletters and mass commercial emailings. I’ve tried (as a test) placing Google AdSense in Constant Contact powered emails and the ads were served and targeted almost perfectly.”