The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

Marion Jensen is thinking about “the next big thing,” and finds “location” as the answer: “You can access information about a location, but it’s still at your desk. The real revolution will come when this information can be accessed completely and easily from a mobile device, while you’re at that location.” “The next big thing… Continue reading The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

The Rise of Tagging: Technorati Reports on Users and Growth

Technorati, the blog search engine, has just releases some compelling stats and info: “…we exceeded 9 million unique visitors, which is a 141% increase in monthly visitors in a single quarter.” “…the majority of our page views now are no longer just in real-time keyword or blog search, as would have been the case just… Continue reading The Rise of Tagging: Technorati Reports on Users and Growth

The Beauty of Tagging

Matt McAlister looks at the pros and cons of tagging:“tags are hugely valuable. They expose important meta data at an abstraction level that was previously hidden in the Internet user interface. They are connective tissue allowing data sources to talk to each other in meaningful ways. And human-edited tags can balance the inaccuracies of machine… Continue reading The Beauty of Tagging

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A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Adrian Holovaty has a follow up to the recent Bivens report for Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites: “…more fundamental shifts need to happen for newspaper companies to remain essential sources of information for their communities. One of those important shifts is: Newspapers need to stop the story-centric worldview. Conditioned by decades of an established style… Continue reading A Fundamental Shift in Journalism

Google Innovation

Google is at the center of so many things right now, and with good reason. They really seem to think about an ideal product or an ideal service, and then they create it. I feel as though other companies start with where they were, and then try to fit their current structure into their goals.… Continue reading Google Innovation

Tagging the News

Jeff Jarvis started an interesting discussion on how to categorize and tag news. Some of the comments he received are interesting: “…tags are crap. I tried to get analysts to do it, and it didn’t work (good luck with reporters). The reasons are that “your taxonomy isn’t my taxonomy” and it requires a discipline that… Continue reading Tagging the News

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