Reshaping the Newsroom: The Future of Journalism

Steve Outing reached out to his network of colleagues in the news industry to find out what their biggest problem was: “Everyone’s got work to do to put out the “daily miracle,” but in an era when the old industry model is in decline, we can no longer afford to have a workforce where the… Continue reading Reshaping the Newsroom: The Future of Journalism

After 126 Years: The End of a Newspaper

I think its only fitting to start the new year with fewer potifications on what great new technologies we will see, and give a sober look at what journalism and publishers are facing. After 126 years, The Cincinati Post has created their final edition. BusinessWeek writes: “Originally called The Penny Paper when it was started… Continue reading After 126 Years: The End of a Newspaper

Think Secret: Deadpool?!

I was surprised to read that Apple’s lawsuit with Apple rumor website Think Secret has resulted in the site shutting down. Think Secret has long been a reliable source of Apple information, and from what I understand, run by a college student with a knack for reporting. The website Techcrunch gives a “deadpool” designation to… Continue reading Think Secret: Deadpool?!

The Final Days of a Newspaper

The Cincinnati Post is shutting down come January 1. Editor & Publisher takes a glimpse inside the newsroom and speaks with the remaining staff: “There is life after journalism,” [Editor Mark Neikirk, a 28-year Post veteran] says, but admits, “I liked going to battle everyday in the newsroom.”

Do Journalists Fear “Comments” on Their Writing?

Journalism professor Clyde Bentley offers up reasons why some traditional journalists don’t like the idea of anyone being allowed to add comments to their articles online: “[traditional journalists] were shocked at the lack of interest from the blog world when they wrote informative, well-crafted and traditional essays.” “Journalists are steeped in a culture of insecurity.… Continue reading Do Journalists Fear “Comments” on Their Writing?

Do Journalists Lack Faith in Their Audience?

Two journalists in Britain have each posted articles discussing whether “new media” is good for “traditional journalism.” David Lee starts us off with this statement: “…in the rush to embrace new media we risk destroying the soul of traditional reporting.” John Kelly responds: “There exists a certain lack of faith in the market when it… Continue reading Do Journalists Lack Faith in Their Audience?

Will “Page Views” Kill Journalism?

Jon Friedman is afraid that “most popular articles” listings on websites will adversely affect journalism: “The worst aspect to these lists is the fear that journalists, trying to win favor with their business-conscious editors, will lower their standards and write top-40 stories instead of pieces with actual depth.”

The Relevance of Journalist Unions

Jeff Jarvis looks at reasoning behind resigning from the National Union of Journalists. “… the union, as with the print unions of old, cannot possibly adapt to meet the revolutionary demands of a new technology.” “There is a difference, of course. The skills of compositors and linotype operators were eradicated by computer setting and on-screen… Continue reading The Relevance of Journalist Unions

Endangered Species: Journalists

Forbes has released “the worst jobs for the 21st century.” “Another endangered species: journalists. Despite the proliferation of media outlets, newspapers, where the bulk of U.S. reporters work, will cut costs and jobs as the Internet replaces print. While current events will always need to be covered (we hope), the number of reporting positions is… Continue reading Endangered Species: Journalists