Digg 101

A great compilation of Digg facts from Valleywag.

Online Newspaper Success

e.politics looks at the The Washington Post’s social media push: “…they seem to truly understand the the benefits that come from being a part of the broader internet conversation as well as the ability of user-generated content to build audience loyalty.”

Newspapers & Links

Techdirt looks inside the debate that many old media companies go through when moving online: “A reporter at a paper in Missouri writes to Poynter Online, discussing an internal debate that her newspaper had over whether to include external links to stories in other publications. Ultimately, the higher ups decided against it on the view… Continue reading Newspapers & Links

Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites

The Bivings Report offers up 10 Ways for Newspapers to Improve Their Websites. On the list: Start Using Tags Provide Full Text RSS Feeds Work with External “Social” Websites Link to Relevant Blog Entries Get Rid of All Registration Partner with Local Bloggers Offer Alternative Views of Your Content Modernize Your Site’s Graphic Design Learn… Continue reading Tips to Improve Newspaper Websites

Free Digital Books

Google is now offering free digital books for download. There are quite a few limitations to the service so far, but the scale of what Google is doing behind the scenes with books is amazing. Their goal is to scan every book – collecting all the worlds knowledge. I am just glad that future generations… Continue reading Free Digital Books

An Often Ignored Publishing Niche

Coupons. Yes, it is indeed publishing. The New York Times looks at the state of the coupon business, which has held its own against digital coupons, so far. However, change is on the way: “The next stage, according to marketing experts, will come with the spread of digital cellphones with location-tracking and automatic short-range communication… Continue reading An Often Ignored Publishing Niche

Collaborative Journalism

Wired is running an interesting journalism experiment: “In an experiment in collaborative journalism, Wired News is putting reporter Ryan Singel at your service. This wiki began as an unedited 1,059 word article on the wiki phenomenon, exactly as Ryan filed it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the job of… Continue reading Collaborative Journalism