The Perfect February Morning

Snapped a photo this morning that perfectly captures February in my eyes: gray with icicles and stark trees. A good day for curling up with a book…

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The Piling Up of Media: Super-Users and Grazers

Every day, media is thrust into my life: Two newspapers on the driveway. Magazines in the mailbox… more than 10 subscriptions. RSS feeds in my RSS reader… about 100 subscriptions. This is before I look at my Blackberry, open Instant Messenger, surf a single website, think about the book on my nightstand, or even fathom… Continue reading The Piling Up of Media: Super-Users and Grazers

Yet Another Expensive Device to Carry: Amazon’s Kindle

The blogosphere is excited about the launch of Amazon’s new ebook reader called Kindle. There are may pro’s and con’s to the device, but I think Rex Hammock has a pretty sober look at the idea. From a user experience perspective, I don’t quite understand the idea of compartmentalizing our media activities. Why would I… Continue reading Yet Another Expensive Device to Carry: Amazon’s Kindle

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Book Authors Meet the YouTube Generation

Joe Wikert points us to an interesting new service that shows how book authors can get into the online video market: “Here’s a cool little service I stumbled upon this evening… Bookwrap Central features video clips of authors talking about their book, what’s unique about it, what inspired them, etc.”

Libraries and Leafblowers

A funny thing is happening. While people debate whether the death of print is upon us, the argument itself is becoming irrelevant. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article that underscores this. It profiles how libraries are changing to become “information commons,” places where there are fewer books, but more services, and greater access to… Continue reading Libraries and Leafblowers

Networked Books

The Wall Street Journal looks at the rise of “networked books“: “In a fairly radical turn, one major publisher has made a networked book available free online at the same time the book is being sold in stores. Other publishers have posted networked titles that invite visitors to read the book and post comments. One… Continue reading Networked Books

Free Digital Books

Google is now offering free digital books for download. There are quite a few limitations to the service so far, but the scale of what Google is doing behind the scenes with books is amazing. Their goal is to scan every book – collecting all the worlds knowledge. I am just glad that future generations… Continue reading Free Digital Books