Do Books Have a Future?

Books. We love to shop for them, hold them, display them, talk about them, and occasionally even read them – but what lies in their future? I can’t help but feel that fiction and nonfiction will take two distinct paths. Today, I will be mostly exploring the evolution of nonfiction.  The limits of books. Thinking… Continue reading Do Books Have a Future?

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Will Editors Simply Become “Sifters?”

The Wall Street Journal has an eye-opening interview with Jack Kliger, president-CEO of Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. The chat focused on a couple of the print magazines that recently switched to web-only, including ELLEgirl and Premiere. On the roll of editors in an online world: “First of all, the editorial staffs [from print to web]… Continue reading Will Editors Simply Become “Sifters?”

InfoWorld Magazine Goes Web Only

PaidContent reports: IDG’s InfoWorld Magazine To Close Down; Focus on Online/Events. Some interesting tid-bits: “There won’t be too many layoffs as most of the team had been working on multiplatform already.” “IDG is doing a smart thing if merely experimenting with the model for how to move entirely online for the rest of the “fleet”.… Continue reading InfoWorld Magazine Goes Web Only