6,000 Words About Time Magazine

New York magazine has a 6,000 word piece on Time magazine: past, present and future. It is an eery tale of one brand’s journey from old media titan wading the waters of the online world.

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Social Media the Key to Traditional Media’s Future

Barry Parr, an analyst for JupiterResearch, notes how social media can drive an audience to traditional media: “Bill Grueskin of WSJ.com shared an interesting anecdote about how Digg made a two-year-old column one of the most-read stories on a particular day. Interestingly, WSJ.com is getting tremendous lift from promoting their videos to bloggers. We’re all… Continue reading Social Media the Key to Traditional Media’s Future

The Integration of Social Networks

Social networks are becoming more an more integrated into tools that we use every day. Cisco Systems is buying social network Tribe.net, likely to integrate the Tribe technology into Cisco’s network and service solutions for large companies. “Netscape co-creator Marc Andreessen, say that social networks will soon be as ubiquitous as regular Web sites. They… Continue reading The Integration of Social Networks

Social Media Hits USA Today

USA Today has redesigned their website with this goal: “create a community around the news, one that connects readers to reporting.” The new site features: Unmoderated commenting. The ability to create your own profile & blog on their site. Journalists will participate in this online community as well. Open forums. Further details on PaidContent and… Continue reading Social Media Hits USA Today