The State of News Media

The Project for Excellence in Journalism has released their new 160,000 word report: The State of the News Media 2007. A huge amount of data here. One excerpt regarding magazines: “The year 2007 could prove pivotal to the magazine industry and news magazines specifically. After a series of down years, there is no projected upturn… Continue reading The State of News Media

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Marketing via social networks is on the rise. In 2007, as many as 48 percent of brand marketers will deploy marketing on social networking channels. Last year, about 38 percent were messaging on the channel. JupiterResearch analyst Emily Riley suggests the following: “Many advertisers easily understand the idea of having a MySpace profile, many will… Continue reading MyMarketing

The Difficulty of Breaking into the Search Engine Market

Read/Write Web and Search The Web 2.0, look at the long tail of the search engine market. The top market share is locked up with the following brands, but then drops off pretty severely after that. Some compelling charts are also posted.

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Print Readers Want to Know: “What’s in it for Me?”

CBS News reports on the changing landscape for newspapers and print editors. Some of the ways they are adapting: Pushing readers to go to their website for ‘breaking news.’ Focusing stories on how national news affects their community. Creating more articles from each topic. In terms of catering to the needs of local audiences, Samir… Continue reading Print Readers Want to Know: “What’s in it for Me?”

Twitter: Always Feel Important

Twitter is suddenly the big news for their creation of a new way to look at communicating on the web. Mashable describes Twitter this way: “…short, to-the-point messages that let your friends, family and the world know exactly where you are and what you’re doing, every second of the day.” On the speed of adoption:… Continue reading Twitter: Always Feel Important

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When Your Sources Go Directly to Your Audience

Doc Searls looks at how the web has changed journalism. “The Net is a giant zero. It puts everybody zero distance from everybody and everything else. And it supports publishing and broadcasting at costs that round to zero as well. “It is essential for the mainstream media to understand that the larger information ecosystem is… Continue reading When Your Sources Go Directly to Your Audience

Write Once, Publish Anywhere and Everywhere

Fred Wilson has some interesting thoughts on how feeds and widgets play into the online publishing model: “One of the biggest changes out there is the world of distributed media. Feeds, widgets, embed codes, apis, and other tools that allow the publisher to make their content available on other pages. You have to do this,… Continue reading Write Once, Publish Anywhere and Everywhere

Mashups: Remixing Data

TechCrunch looks at 5 services that allow you to “mix, rip, and mash your data.” A review: Yahoo PipesA GUI web app that lets you create new data feeds by remixing syndication feeds (RSS, Atom, RDF.) Teqlo You build mashups by dropping specialized widgets onto the canvas and specifying interactions between them. ProtoUsed to join… Continue reading Mashups: Remixing Data