Making Money Online May Be Harder Than Previously Believed

A few interesting articles discuss how to monetize the web. The New York Times states that “Popularity Might Not Be Enough.” A recent report indicates that if you want to build an ad-supported online media business, that is supported by a staff that creates original content, the numbers simply don’t work out. You would need… Continue reading Making Money Online May Be Harder Than Previously Believed

Time Magazine to Focus Less on News, More on Voice

The Wall Street Journal reports on the redesigned Time magazine: “In addition to a new look, editors have invoked the Economist as a role model for the new Time — less of a news digest, more of an opinion journal… Future issues will provide lots of directional signals to the magazine’s online edition, editors promise.”

Now Hiring: Citizen Journalists

Traditional journalism outlets are embracing citizen journalism: “CBS News and Fox News on Monday signed up Neighborhood America to create social-networking technology that will help them attract user-generated news reports from citizen journalists around the United States.” At what point will every niche, every industry, every B2B category have well established networks of “sources” that… Continue reading Now Hiring: Citizen Journalists

Magazine Publishers See Their Future

The International Herald Tribune reports on an international magazine conference, the Magazine Media 2.0 conference. Some interesting quotes: “For most publishers at the conference, the Internet remains a greedy one-way vacuum, siphoning readers and advertising into an uncertain future.” “I think the old ways of buying media are old-fashioned and won’t be followed in the… Continue reading Magazine Publishers See Their Future

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Connecting the Islands of Information

Read/Write Web looks at the coming transformation of the web as bits of individualized pieces of information, to a the web becoming a system of “web services that integrate this information in more useful ways. “Some web sites will follow the example of Amazon, and Flickr and will offer their information via a REST… Continue reading Connecting the Islands of Information

Only Paying When You Receive: Google’s Pay-Per-Action

Google is testing a new ad system, called pay-per-action. Unlike their currend AdWords system, in which advertisers pay for each time a user clicks on their ad, pay-per-action is described this way: “Pay-per-action advertising is a new pricing model that allows you to pay only for completed actions that you define, such as a lead,… Continue reading Only Paying When You Receive: Google’s Pay-Per-Action

Where Anyone Can Be a Reporter, Writer, Researcher or Editor

Wired is diving into citizen journalism and crowdsourcing once again. A new project called Assignment Zero offers: “…any willing contributor the chance to do the work of a reporter, writer, researcher or editor in a joint investigation by Wired and NewAssignment.Net. When Assignment Zero ends, NewAssignment.Net will publish the results — articles, interviews and assorted… Continue reading Where Anyone Can Be a Reporter, Writer, Researcher or Editor

Journalistic Uses for Blogs

The Bivings Report gives us 16 Ways The News Media Can Use Blogs. On their list: Solicit ideas for coverage. Request feedback on how to shape an editorial product. Host public blogs. Provide ongoing coverage. Foster interaction between journalists and citizens. Cheaply report news about niche interests. Request help from the public on covering a… Continue reading Journalistic Uses for Blogs