News of the Week 3/30/08

The News Business: Out of Print "The death and life of the American newspaper." Finding Political News Online, the Young Pass It On "…habits suggest that younger readers find themselves going straight to the source, bypassing the context and analysis that seasoned journalists provide." The Buzz on the Campaign Bus: Pinched, Press Steps Off "There… Continue reading News of the Week 3/30/08

Meal of the Week!

Sarah enjoyed a Friendly’s “Fribble,” while I had a peanut butter cup ice cream sundae!

News of the Week 3/21/08

A Radically Different World for Print Media“This isn’t a “transition period” for newspapers. It’s a whole new game… Print revenue is not likely to ever grow again. Digital revenue, at least, has no known ceiling.” From Assembly Line to Network at the Post “Newspapers cling to an assembly-line model for news production even though computers… Continue reading News of the Week 3/21/08

Meal of the Week!

Last week was my birthday, so we stuffed ourselves! Lunch: Pizza with prosciutto, and other goodness. Lunch: stuffed artichoke! Lunch: Cappuccino with biscotti Dinner: Bow Ties with gorgonzola sauce. Dinner: Asparagus always tastes better when doused with oil and garlic.

News of the Week 3/14/08

YouTube: The Platform “Once again, instead of making it easier to search videos elsewhere, Google is making it easier to host videos on YouTube. Except that the new APis allow people to upload, watch, search, and comment on the videos on other Websites.” Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever “Anyone who still believes… Continue reading News of the Week 3/14/08