A Look Back at 2008

Because I am the sentimental type, I figured a look back at 2008 was in order. First off, I just celebrated: My 8th Anniversary at Reed Business Information! It’s been a tremendous ride so far, thanks to all of the weird, cool, creative, and giving folks I get to work with. In 2008, I put… Continue reading A Look Back at 2008

A Connection is Made

What I like most about this time of year is not the gifts or the food, but having a universal excuse to focus on what I love most: my friends, family, and the many people who I get to share my life with, and whose lives I get to share in. In that spirit, I… Continue reading A Connection is Made

It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine.

Heard any bad news lately? Seems it is all bad, and I don’t think the post-holiday doldrums of January will make anyone feel much better. But I wanted to take a moment and take stock of what the reality of our situation really is. First, an overview of recent news: The economy is tanking! It’s… Continue reading It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine.


I have been thinking a lot about numbers lately. Probabilities, assumptions, expectations, performance, segments, success, failure, improvement, and so many of the other things that we can use numbers for. One project I am working on right now is to create a model for a weekly web analytics report for editors. With the help of… Continue reading 10%

Getting Closer to Readers and Customers

A field director for Barack Obama’s campaign described the key ingredient to their success in a recent New Yorker article: “We had the best data operation of any campaign. You can have the most inspirational candidate, you can have the best organizing philosophy in the world, but if you can’t organize your data to take… Continue reading Getting Closer to Readers and Customers

Creating Remarkable Products

I have been reading and re-reading Seth Godin’s new book Tribes, and am inspired by so many ideas he discusses. One of them is that: There is little difference between being average and being mediocre. He talks about how many companies create products that are created for the "average" customer because this is the safest… Continue reading Creating Remarkable Products

Leveraging Your Best Print Content for HUGE Online Growth

Many magazine brands put a ton of resources into creating articles and content for their print editions, but don’t put comparable effort in formatting them for online readers or marketing them further on the web. This month, I was able to work with Library Journal and other members of RB Interactive on a little experiment;… Continue reading Leveraging Your Best Print Content for HUGE Online Growth

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Simplifying and Integrating

Engaging readers online is a challenge. So many fish in the ocean… how does a publisher capture their attention and convert that moment of interest, into a daily habit? And let’s face it, publishers are not without ideas. Brands have worked hard to create online content of the highest quality, and has packaged and repackaged… Continue reading Simplifying and Integrating

Linking Online Products: Using Video to Promote a Blog

Guest column by Peter Welander, Control Engineering process industries editor. After launching a new blog featuring a pair of enthusiastic outside contributors, what better way to promote it and them, than with a video and corresponding podcast? Maybe there’s no budget, but why should that be a problem? But let’s start at the beginning. Last… Continue reading Linking Online Products: Using Video to Promote a Blog