What Motivates Us to Innovate?

I read this news this morning: “About.com is planning a major move into the business-to-business space, launching a number of industry-specific sites.” Now, I know of a lot of major B2B publishers who have been in the online space for more than a decade. And yet, this is the reason About.com is making the move:… Continue reading What Motivates Us to Innovate?

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Are You Growing Your Skillset, or Becoming a Cog in a Machine?

I’ve been reading about how companies such as Demand Media, Examiner.com, and Suite101 – those “content farms” – train their contributors on writing and web skills. These companies put a strong focus on creating efficient systems to organize a large group of people to do specific tasks. “Early on we decided there would be four… Continue reading Are You Growing Your Skillset, or Becoming a Cog in a Machine?

Organizational Change

Let’s say you need to move your business in a new direction. You are hoping the evolve the skillset of your staff, revamp your product and service lineup, and find new ways to partner with those in your industry. So you’ve done a lot of research, worked through many different strategy ideas, analyzed the technological… Continue reading Organizational Change