How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Editorial Strategy

Image by Christoph Today I want to share the story of what one business media brand is doing to get closer to their audience, and how they are leveraging social media to drive editorial strategy. Control Engineering’s Editorial Director David Greenfield setup a group called Automation & Control Engineering on LinkedIn, and has been integrating… Continue reading How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Editorial Strategy

The Value of Blogging

Image courtesy of Betsy Bird Something odd happened this week, a single blog post absolutely floored me – that’s how good it was. Now, I read a lot of blogs, and doing so is pretty much the first thing I do when I wake up and the last thing before I go to sleep. But… Continue reading The Value of Blogging

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The Pros & Cons of Twitter

Image by Toby Bradbury Over the past few weeks, I chatted with quite a few RBI editors to understand how they use Twitter. So today, I want to talk honestly about two things: Why Twitter is a Challenge Why Twitter is an Opportunity Okay, let’s get started! I’ll present this as a pro/con format, starting… Continue reading The Pros & Cons of Twitter

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How the Web Enables Offline Business & Activities

The web has become an essential place to go for research, connection and commerce. Even in niche B2B markets; even for products & services that can’t easily be sold online; even for companies with no web footprint. Many in B2B media are transitioning from a print-centric world to a web-based ecosystem, as are their partners… Continue reading How the Web Enables Offline Business & Activities