Come Visit Me at

In the past year, I have moved most of my activities over to, where I speak to writers about building their brands, and publishers on engaging their communities. Please visit me there! Thanks. -Dan

Never Stop Proving Yourself

In the past year, I went from having a corporate job of 10 years, to starting my own business. It’s a fascinating experience, being “out on your own,” although I have found that this isn’t really the case. My days are filled with loads of amazing people. As a business owner, one thing I feel… Continue reading Never Stop Proving Yourself

Social Media Is Not A Business Opportunity; It Is A Human Opportunity.

I’ve been thinking about 57 things this week. Specifically, the 57 comments left on my Facebook status update of a week ago, announcing the birth of my son. 57 expressions of congratulations. The number itself isn’t really all that important. In fact, there were dozens of other comments on Twitter, my blog, via email, Facebook… Continue reading Social Media Is Not A Business Opportunity; It Is A Human Opportunity.

We Are The Music Makers…

Last Friday was the first one in five years that I hadn’t sent out a newsletter or posted to my blog. Luckily, there was a good reason: the birth of my son! Owen Blank was born on Thursday morning at 7:25am. Of course, the little fellow is already blogging. Feel free to say hello to… Continue reading We Are The Music Makers…

A Look Ahead at 2009

It seems that every business, every industry, every individual is predicted to have a hard time in 2009. Analysts and media are one-upping each other with more dire predictions, as "soberness" is the must-have attitude. I can’t make any predictions for 2009, perhaps because I am not smart enough, or perhaps because I am smart… Continue reading A Look Ahead at 2009

A Look Back at 2008

Because I am the sentimental type, I figured a look back at 2008 was in order. First off, I just celebrated: My 8th Anniversary at Reed Business Information! It’s been a tremendous ride so far, thanks to all of the weird, cool, creative, and giving folks I get to work with. In 2008, I put… Continue reading A Look Back at 2008