Newspaper Innovation

The Wall Street Journal has rolled out some innovative new features, including:“a Windows screensaver, embedded right-click search capabilities, the My RSS beta and pop-up story summaries.”

The Death of Podcasts

Fred Wilson has suspended his Podcast, and I have to say, I don’t blame him.There are two reasons Podcasts don’t work for me: Creation: It is not as easy as simply talking a blog entry, and posting it. It is an incredible amount of work to conceive, record, and edit.  Consumption: The internet has allowed… Continue reading The Death of Podcasts

Is it Too Late for Publishers?

David Carr asks this question in the New York Times: “Can traditional publishing provide the kind of growth required by a public company?” He goes on to profiles Time, Inc.’s current situation. Time’s CEO Ann S. Moore states: “We can’t just take all our old magazine people and turn them into multiplatform geniuses… we are… Continue reading Is it Too Late for Publishers?

An Often Ignored Publishing Niche

Coupons. Yes, it is indeed publishing. The New York Times looks at the state of the coupon business, which has held its own against digital coupons, so far. However, change is on the way: “The next stage, according to marketing experts, will come with the spread of digital cellphones with location-tracking and automatic short-range communication… Continue reading An Often Ignored Publishing Niche