7 Mobile Advertising Techniques

Ken Elefant over at Venture Beat put together a list of mobile advertising techniques, and his opinion of each. On his list: Marketing via SMS/MMS WAP banner ads Location-based advertising Video ads on cell phones In-game advertising Online coupons Interstitial ads (link via Techmeme)

Why the Internet is Good for Traditional Media

BusinessWeek has a message for traditional media companies: “…we believe Internet companies that enable and promote revenue generation from their content should be viewed as critical allies of, not necessarily competitors to, traditional media companies.” Om Malik shows us the sheer size of social networks, with MySpace alone generating 38 billion page views last month… Continue reading Why the Internet is Good for Traditional Media

If You Love Journalism, Set It Free

Time has names YouTube the invention of the year. “…even though they built it, they didn’t really understand it…. the minute people saw YouTube they did its creators a huge favor: they hijacked it.” The article concludes: “Consumers are impatient with the mainstream media. The idea of a top-down culture, in which talking heads spoon-feed… Continue reading If You Love Journalism, Set It Free

Google to Sell Ads in Newspapers

Google is expanding its ad sales into print newspapers. It is a curious opportunity, but not without risks, even if successful: “…publishers can get much-needed revenue but in doing so they may well make Google — which is already the biggest seller of online advertising — even stronger.” At the core of the Google plan… Continue reading Google to Sell Ads in Newspapers

Google Addiction: Are Effortless Results Worth the Risk?

The Washington Post looks into a new way that Google is trying to be more accountable for the performance of their ads, but in a very creepy way: “By applying technology to measure their impact, Google plans to differentiate its banner and video ads from those of its competitors. Teaming with online research firm ComScore… Continue reading Google Addiction: Are Effortless Results Worth the Risk?

Newspapers & Magazines Embracing Change

Some news clips from around the web, show an increasing awareness and openness to changes needed in the publishing industry. Forbes reports on the future of news: “So what does the future hold for the news business? To an increasing degree, blogs and user-generated content will be part of the mix.” Editor & Publisher has… Continue reading Newspapers & Magazines Embracing Change

Niche Publishing Success: Information & Relationships

Marketwatch reports on the progress that magazines have made in their viewpoints on the value of the web: “Publishers now routinely brag to me about how much their sites are being budgeted to contribute to the bottom line — one leading magazine executive was bursting with pride when he told me that his site will… Continue reading Niche Publishing Success: Information & Relationships

Libraries and Leafblowers

A funny thing is happening. While people debate whether the death of print is upon us, the argument itself is becoming irrelevant. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article that underscores this. It profiles how libraries are changing to become “information commons,” places where there are fewer books, but more services, and greater access to… Continue reading Libraries and Leafblowers