Web News Roundup

Just a few interesting articles: There has been a ton of talk online about Google’s foray into Microsoft Office’s territory, with their “Google Apps for Your Domain” announcement. Chris Anderson has the most interesting theory about how this will affect the web. AdSense alternatives A rant about why RSS is not such a big deal… Continue reading Web News Roundup

Tagging the News

Jeff Jarvis started an interesting discussion on how to categorize and tag news. Some of the comments he received are interesting: “…tags are crap. I tried to get analysts to do it, and it didn’t work (good luck with reporters). The reasons are that “your taxonomy isn’t my taxonomy” and it requires a discipline that… Continue reading Tagging the News

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Citizen Journalism – Consumer Style

Advertising Age reports on the growing importance of user-generated reviews: “Product reviews written by real people are perhaps the most underappreciated slice of the consumer-generated-media universe, the explosion of which has captivated the advertising and media worlds.” In related news, Fred Wilson introduced me to a few phrases that scare me: shopcasting and social commerce.… Continue reading Citizen Journalism – Consumer Style

Blogs Rewrite Journalism

Malcolm Gladwell recently wrote a piece in The New Yorker about the US pension system. On his blog, he has been clarifying statements, and responding to comments that contest points in his article. In his most recent post, he makes some clarifications about what it means to be a journalist, and “report,” as opposed to… Continue reading Blogs Rewrite Journalism

News Sensationalism

An interesting piece in the Boston Globe got me thinking about some of those “most popular” story listings on sites like CNN.com and the dangers of social news sites. The Globe’s article looks at the oversaturation of John Mark Karr coverage on television news: “`It’s an embarrassment,” says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University’s… Continue reading News Sensationalism

Ranking Newspapers

A new study takes a look at which newspapers have the greatest reach: “When we look at individual markets, the general trend is that the online audience is growing — not by leaps and bounds — but growing [while] the print audience is on a slow and steady decline,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president,… Continue reading Ranking Newspapers

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Link Prudes

Paul Conley has a few interesting comments about publishers who are shy about including links within stories that take you to other websites: “It seems Crain Communications has decided that its Web sites are, in fact, part of the Web. The company has begun using external links in its articles.” In another entry, he finds… Continue reading Link Prudes

The Anti-Journalist

The Washington Post profiles someone who submits stories to social news sites. These online hunters “neither reports nor writes the news, but he submits stories he finds interesting.” “This is a new field, in some ways, a new talent pool,” said Jason Calacanis, general manager at Netscape, a division of AOL. “They have a different… Continue reading The Anti-Journalist