Newspapers Look Online

There is no shortage of news to help newspaper executives lose sleep. From The Economist: “For most newspaper companies in the developed world, 2005 was miserable. They still earn almost all of their profits from print, which is in decline. As people look to the internet for news and young people turn away from papers,… Continue reading Newspapers Look Online

False Expectations?

Chris Pirillo has an interesting rant on how social bookmarking buttons for sites like and digg are popping up on sites all over the web – many that he feels have false expectations. “Okay, I understand the need to make it easier for your visitors to bookmark sites on their favorite Web service(s), but… Continue reading False Expectations?

Blog Explosion

Now that the web offers us citizen journalism, and no barrier for entry to post news, opinions, or anything else you can think of, some are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. For those producing information on the web, some are feeling just plain lost. But this sudden overwhelming stream of content online is not… Continue reading Blog Explosion

Seth Godin: Marketing Guru

Seth Godin talks about the future of radio, but offers many other interesting perspectives on marketing in general. As usual, great insight. Also, his latest book.

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Blog Profit

Dave Winer shares some interesting info about how profitable his blog is: “Last year we did $2.3 million in revenue. Expenses? One salary (mine) and about $1000 per month in server costs. A few thousand for contract programming. Pre-tax profit? Millions.” He goes on to explain why people sometimes don’t get it right when monetizing… Continue reading Blog Profit

Tapping the B2B Audience via Search

Earlier this month, the Search Engine Strategies conference looked at search advertising for B2B companies. Some findings: “…remember the importance of basic marketing strategies like including keywords in the headline of the ad, coupling ad groups with relevant landing pages, highlighting product benefits rather than features and constant testing of ad variations.” One company did… Continue reading Tapping the B2B Audience via Search

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News Revolution (again)

Dave Winer has caused a stir again. He has been setting up easy, readable news feeds from top news sites & blogs, that display well on your PDA, mobile phone, or blackberry. Ewan MacLeod has a great write-up of why this is important. Why does it take someone to do this out of frustration? Don’t… Continue reading News Revolution (again)

“This is a Total Revolution”

Business 2.0 has an article focusing on how Google can be both friend and foe to small business. But this passage jumped out at me as more anecdotal proof that things have changed drastically for print publishers: “More established businesses have been able to slash their marketing budgets by switching to search-term advertising. Ray Allen,… Continue reading “This is a Total Revolution”