The Path to Growth: The LEGO Way.

I found an inspiring video online this week, where a former LEGO employee shares how the company began opening themselves up by using a community strategy to tap into the passion of their biggest fans. This had a very real impact on product development, marketing and sales. Plus, it was fun.

You can find the video here: A Social Media Case Study at Lego.

Here are some takeaways :

  • Who is the 5% of your audience that is more engaged then the other 95%? They can have a disproportionate affect on our business, if leveraged properly.
  • Question why things get done the way they do, because it allows you to push past limitations that you didn’t even realize were there.
  • Have conversations with your audience and customers – always. Bring them into meetings, into your process, into helping to create your products.
  • Find ways to engage with your audience where they are already hanging out. You don’t always have to create these communities from scratch – instead – learn how to affectively tap into those which already exist.
  • Start small, and measure everything. Prove success on a small level before envisioning a massive system that requires heavy financial backing, IT resources, and integration between departments.
  • Find out where the passion lies within your audience, and put that at the center of your efforts.

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