Websites Want to Be More Like Magazines

Robert Scoble looks at whether Web 2.0 is a bubble like Web 1.0 was, with an interesting conclusion: “One thing, though. Web 2.0 is largely funded by advertising. Advertising is an AUDIENCE business. So, when Paul Graham is telling his companies to worry about building audience first, that’s actually a good point of view to… Continue reading Websites Want to Be More Like Magazines

Standalone Journalism

Now, there has been a lot of talk about readers/customers/users now expeciting/choosing/demanding to be involved in the process, to be able to create content, be given some control, or be part of a community. However, Paul Conley looks at things differently: “We will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by… Continue reading Standalone Journalism

Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Teen magazines are dropping like flies in favor of online counterparts that offer more interaction. Some of the thoughts surrounding these moves: “You can’t just be a magazine editor sitting in your office. You can no longer dictate. It is a two-way street.” This is how sites like MySpace, once seen as unrelated to publishing,… Continue reading Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Journalism, Innovation, the Web

Jeff Jarvis is asking some great questions, and working on the answers in a recent post about entrepreneurial journalism. While many publishers are working feverishly to create a successful online brand, marketshare, and profit, is the same innovation going into journalism itself? Or are they one and the same? One thing is for sure, the… Continue reading Journalism, Innovation, the Web

MySpace EverySpace

Some interesting news about MySpace, indicating its rapidly advancing market reach: MySpace to Sell Music From 3 Million Bands MySpace driving more retail traffic than MSN search MySpace is becoming yet another example of the value of building a huge audience first, by focusing on their needs, and then having opportunities to monetize later on.… Continue reading MySpace EverySpace

Google Innovation

Google is at the center of so many things right now, and with good reason. They really seem to think about an ideal product or an ideal service, and then they create it. I feel as though other companies start with where they were, and then try to fit their current structure into their goals.… Continue reading Google Innovation