Value of Expert Opinions Dwindling

InformationWeek reviews a report from JupiterResearch that indicates Blogs, Wikis, Forums Sway Consumer Opinion. “The days of reading some review from an expert is dwindling because people want to obtain their information from other users,” Rogoway said. “If the social network is built around the topic, travel or cars for example, you can link to… Continue reading Value of Expert Opinions Dwindling

Online Video Bubble

Comscore released it list of top 50 Websites for July, with the growing popularity of video sites being the top story. The Business 2.0 blog breaks out the top 10 video sites by visitors. Are we experiencing an online video bubble? Possibly. However, this format has really come into its own, and businesses across the… Continue reading Online Video Bubble

Newspaper Ad Revenue Declines

The Wall Street Journal reports on declining ad revenue at some prominent newspapers: “New York Times Co. and Tribune Co. on Tuesday reported declines in July newspaper advertising revenue, amid ongoing weakness across a number of ad categories. New York Times Co. said overall revenue slipped 1.8% to $274.5 million as advertising revenue dropped 3.3%… Continue reading Newspaper Ad Revenue Declines

Social Search

Social search has been one of those “it” topics recently. Chris Sherman from Search Engine Watch takes a look at the pros and cons of such a system. One conclusion: “Some people, no matter how well intentioned, will simply do a poor job of labeling content. Others will deliberately mislabel content to attempt to fool… Continue reading Social Search

Social Everything

Joshua Porter reports on some upcoming features of the new Apple operating system, OS X Leopard: Apple Making Huge Social Network Software Push? He outlines several new features in development that provide ways to collaborate with others – your iTunes library, your calendar, and even a Wiki-server.  “…all of these features are about enabling communication as much… Continue reading Social Everything

Selling Online

Some links to start off the day: The NY Times looks at how Advertisers Trace Paths Users Leave on Internet. “AOL is working on a similar system to display ads for products related to a person’s Web search history. MSN from Microsoft just introduced technology to do the same. Other companies use systems that bring… Continue reading Selling Online

Cost Per Action

Ebrahim Ezzy analyses the pros and cons of the CPA (Cost per Action/Acquisition) advertising model. To cut right to the conclusion: “It is obvious that CPA alone is not the ultimate panacea for advertisers hoping to deliver campaigns that are branded or lead-generation focused. This is evidenced by the fact that many advertisers regularly shift… Continue reading Cost Per Action

The Drooping Tail

Jakob Nielsen offers a different way to view Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory: “I’m amazed at how often articles analyzing Web traffic or “long tail”-type businesses use linear plots that fail to show what’s really going on.” Jakob champions the idea of paying close attention to Web metrics when targeting long tail revenue:  “… pursuing… Continue reading The Drooping Tail

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Journalists and Bloggers: Happily Ever After

Doc Searls has some interesting commentary on recent brouhaha between journalists and bloggers at the Santa-Barbara News Press. One great quote from Dr. Laura: “… now it is as though every errant thought should be embraced by the outside world as having greater significance than the burp it really is.” I think bloggers and journalists… Continue reading Journalists and Bloggers: Happily Ever After