Mainstream Media’s Affect on a Blog

Darren Rowse’s blog was featured in mainstream media, and he reviews the benefits to his brand: Branding/profile/awareness Contacts Flow on media attention Credibility Widening circles of influence He notes that it doesn’t bring much direct traffic, but does underscore the value of traditional media: “…whether it be with your family and friends, potential clients, book… Continue reading Mainstream Media’s Affect on a Blog

Newspaper Publisher Doesn’t See Growth in Print

MediaNews Group Inc., the largest closely held U.S. newspaper publisher rethinks its business to expand on the web. Two interesting quotes from President Joseph Lodovic: “The Internet is a small piece now, but obviously it’s growing at a faster rate than the print side. The print side is struggling right now. Some of that is… Continue reading Newspaper Publisher Doesn’t See Growth in Print

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Newspapers Leverage Blogs for Growth and Revenue

More and more, newspapers are integrating blogs into their websites: “Once upon a time, newspapers wanted nothing to do with bloggers, those amateurs who opined on anything that caught their fancy, whether it was interesting, or accurate, or not. That was then. Now newspaper websites, desperate for readers and revenue, are increasingly in cahoots with… Continue reading Newspapers Leverage Blogs for Growth and Revenue

Newspaper Rethinks How it Can Best Serve it’s Community

The Mercury News newspaper is exploring how it can better serve its community in the digital age: “The American newspaper industry is in transition, adjusting to a world in which new technologies allow news and information to flow in many forms…””We’ve launched a major rethinking project to determine the role we’ll play in our community… Continue reading Newspaper Rethinks How it Can Best Serve it’s Community

Gannett: The Incredible Shrinking Newspapers

Gannett newspapers are getting smaller and smaller: “After completing a two-year conversion of its 85 daily papers from 52-inch web size to 48-inch, Gannett Co. Inc. is conducting a national review for a possible second size cut to 44-inch web.”

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Is Yahoo! Making Newspapers Profitable Again?

Yahoo! seems to be making newspapers profitable again: “Newspaper publishers who partnered with Yahoo are seeing such significant online sales increases that they could start producing positive over-all revenue gains as early as 2009, says one Wall Street analyst.”

92% of Largest Newspapers Offer Online Video

A new report from the Bivings Group shows widespread adoption of video on the websites of newspapers: “The study said 92 percent of the largest 100 U.S. newspaper sites are offering video, a 31 percent jump from last year. Thirty-nine papers offer original video content, 26 use video streams from the Associated Press, 13 offer… Continue reading 92% of Largest Newspapers Offer Online Video

Journalism as Living Document

As the New York Times and other brands put more of their archived content online, it seems that it is causing trouble for some: “But if the Times is using search-engine-optimization techniques to push articles toward the top of search-engine results, does it have any ethical obligation to ensure that old errors, distortions, or omissions… Continue reading Journalism as Living Document

USA Today’s Social Network Not Paying Off?

USA Today’s social networking features don’t seem to be doing much to increase page views or unique visitors on their website. Michael Arrington looks at some data on this surprising twist; usually, social networks are an easy way to increase these metrics.

“A Long and Painful Transition from Print”

Fortune takes a sober look at the future of newspapers, with a focus on the Washington Post: “Newspapers remain important institutions, providing a valuable public service, but their business model is slowly, or maybe not so slowly, going away.” “[Chairman and CEO of the Washington Post Co. Donald E. Graham] has made the paper’s digital… Continue reading “A Long and Painful Transition from Print”