Newspapers Band Together to Reclaim Ad Revenue

Some large newspaper brands are banding together to reclaim their ad revenue: “Five of the nation’s top newspaper companies are taking steps to create a national online advertising network they hope will help them recapture ad revenue leaking away from their print products.”

Turning a Newspaper into a “Community-Driven” Website

Mark Glaser looks at how the San Jose Mercury News is changing the meet the needs of its readers. His advice: “Don’t just run focus groups or surveys; get passionate people in your community of readers on board from the start. And get their input at the start, in the middle, and all the way… Continue reading Turning a Newspaper into a “Community-Driven” Website

The Big Circulation Decline at Newspapers

Romenesko looks at the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ circulation data on more than 700 daily newspapers. For the six-month period ending September 2007: New York Times: Daily circulation fell 4.51%; Sunday fell 7.59%. Washington Post: Daily down 3.2%; Sunday down 3.9%. Philadelphia Inquirer: Daily rose 2.3%; Sunday fell 2.9%. Boston Globe: Daily dropped 6.6%; Sunday… Continue reading The Big Circulation Decline at Newspapers

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Tracking Your Copyrighted Work Across the Web

A company called Attributor is building a service that will allow content creators (eg: big media) to track who uses their copyrighted material elsewhere on the web: “The company has developed software that identifies an electronic “fingerprint” for a particular piece of material — an article, a picture, a video. Then it hunts down any… Continue reading Tracking Your Copyrighted Work Across the Web

Wall Street Journal at 1 Million Online Subscribers

The Wall Street Journal now has over 1 million subscribers to their online content. As talk heats up of them tearing down the pay-wall… you have to wonder how many businesses ponder giving up this kind of paying audience.

Journalists Expected to Write Copy & Shoot Video

Andy Dickinson reports on a survey of practices of video reporting within newspapers: Video is commonly shot and edited by the same person Reporters are expected to shoot video and file copy on the same story Photographers are expected to shoot stills and video on the same story You should allow 4 hours to produce… Continue reading Journalists Expected to Write Copy & Shoot Video

Newspapers & Magazines Increase Digital Ad Spending by 28.4%

Whether newspapers and magazines are earning more online may not be the only issue… they are certainly spending more online: “Newspapers and magazines will spend $536.8 million this year on online advertising to promote their print and online brands, up 28.4% over last year, according to a new report from eMarketer.”