A New Pay Structure for Freelancers; Doing it Just for Fun

Marshall Kirkpatrick and The Washington Post review Brijit, “… an interesting new service that supplies magazine abstracts for those of us too busy to read through every print publication we’re subscribed to.” What is fascinating is how they pay they freelancers for the article abstracts that make up the site: “Abstracts are written by paid… Continue reading A New Pay Structure for Freelancers; Doing it Just for Fun

Google’s Affect on Bloggers

With three recent updates to Google’s PageRank system, Duncan Riley looks at how it can affect the traffic to a blog, and how there are elements of a double-standard in how Google punishes some websites. “EnjoyPerth.net is a fairly innocuous blog that posts on events in the capital of Western Australia. The site is a… Continue reading Google’s Affect on Bloggers

How to Work With Bloggers When Marketing Your Brand

As marketing online becomes more important for all businesses, Darren Rowse shares 21 tips for pitching your story to bloggers. Comment First Pitch Later Personalize it Get their Details Right Show You Know Who they Are Introduce Yourself Keep it Brief Highlight Benefits Keep it Simple Research Your Question Consider Time Zones When Calling Don’t… Continue reading How to Work With Bloggers When Marketing Your Brand

Online Mapping Keeps Growing

As online maps become more and more detailed… it is interesting to see companies to keep pushing the boundaries, and look for potential of crowdsourcing to move forward. Brady Forrest looks at one such company, Everyscape. Their promotional video below gives you a sense of the usefulness of these tools: EveryScape Launch Video

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Continued Growth is Elusive for Online Travel

The online travel business is experiencing a loss of customers, and potential financial difficulties in the future. While sales are still up, it seems to be an industry crying for continued innovation in order to grow: “The search engines of travel sites do not do enough to take other factors into consideration, Mr. Harteveldt said.… Continue reading Continued Growth is Elusive for Online Travel

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The Social Generation

An interesting example of how the web can be effectively used for social/viral marketing… Stephen Colbert’s fake presidential campaign saw a huge surge in participation last week: “What amazed me the most was how [Barack] Obama’s 1 Million Strong Group took more than 8 months to get about 380,000 members, but Colbert’s 1 Million Strong… Continue reading The Social Generation

The Relevance of Journalist Unions

Jeff Jarvis looks at reasoning behind resigning from the National Union of Journalists. “… the union, as with the print unions of old, cannot possibly adapt to meet the revolutionary demands of a new technology.” “There is a difference, of course. The skills of compositors and linotype operators were eradicated by computer setting and on-screen… Continue reading The Relevance of Journalist Unions

Creating a User-Generated Magazine

MarketingSherpa shares a case study of JPG magazine, which leveraged a community of user-generated content to create digital and print editions. Here are the six strategies they used: Select topics with a passionate audience who can contribute lots of material. Grow the community with viral tools. Provide incentives and recognition to encourage activity. Retain editorial… Continue reading Creating a User-Generated Magazine

Endangered Species: Journalists

Forbes has released “the worst jobs for the 21st century.” “Another endangered species: journalists. Despite the proliferation of media outlets, newspapers, where the bulk of U.S. reporters work, will cut costs and jobs as the Internet replaces print. While current events will always need to be covered (we hope), the number of reporting positions is… Continue reading Endangered Species: Journalists