Will the Editorial Process be Replaced by Readers?

Will the editorial process be replaced by readers? Its an interesting concept, that CNET briefly touches upon: “With regard to both facts and style, many blogs are largely self-checking due to sizable reader bases that can comment on posts at will.”

Widgets to Explode RSS Adoption?

Steve Rubel explores what “widgets” are and how “they will drive the adoption of RSS without the user needing to know what the heck a feed is.”

How to Measure Blogs Authority

Amy Gahran looks at how “authority” is measured in terms of blogs. She takes apart Technorati’s metric for determining blog influence: inbound links – or in English – popularity. Among her conclusions: “The truth is, influence depends entirely upon the audiences each blog reaches. Sometimes those audiences or communities are very small in terms of… Continue reading How to Measure Blogs Authority

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Moving Newspapers Online, Amid a Downward Spiral

Steve Outing goes where newspapers hope others will travel: their websites. How’s this for an opening paragraph: “…most newspaper executives understand the gravity of their situation, as the outlook for continued growth in the core business is dim, and decline is in the cards no matter what they do to improve or revamp the print… Continue reading Moving Newspapers Online, Amid a Downward Spiral

The Value of Aggregation and User-generated Media

PaidContent points us to a presentation from a BearStearns analysis on the value of aggregation and user generation media. The 5 key findings from the presentation: Demand for video is likely to increase due to more choice and convenience. Niche and user generated content will find an audience because everybody’s tastes diverge from the mainstream… Continue reading The Value of Aggregation and User-generated Media

Who Needs Big Media? Not These Journalists.

The Wall Street Journal reports on journalists jumping ship for Web ventures: “Two prominent Washington Post political reporters are leaving the newspaper to join a new Web-focused venture, underscoring how new media is stealing talent from some of the most venerable brands in journalism.” Why did they do it? “They were intrigued by our idea… Continue reading Who Needs Big Media? Not These Journalists.

B2B Media Companies Going Digital

Huge E. Martin gives us the scoop from American Business Media’s Top Management Meeting in Chicago. Posted are current and future revenue from digital at several B2B media companies.

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