Editorial ROI: Maximizing Performance With Few Resources

Today, I want to discuss how an editor or content creator can use some really basic web analytics to improve the performance of their products and deliver higher return-on-investment for their efforts. The chart above is a pretty typical example of a "long tail" graph. I made up the numbers above, but let’s consider that… Continue reading Editorial ROI: Maximizing Performance With Few Resources

Why B2B Blogs Matter

Something special is happening in a Publishers Weekly blog, and I wanted to share the story with you. PW has a blog called ShelfTalker that is authored by 3 childrens booksellers – folks who spend all day selling books to kids & their parents. Now, oftentimes people express to me that they feel blogs are… Continue reading Why B2B Blogs Matter

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The Future is Now

The comic above really made me take pause and realize that the future of media & publishing is being sown today. So, I decided to take a trip to the future, which turns out, is just a subway ride away. Over the past five years, I have worked with the PS 123 elementary & middle… Continue reading The Future is Now

How We Pay for Content

As the recession lingers, talks of paid content among newspaper and magazine brands has heated up. Some in traditional media feel that people are getting a free ride in the free content model of the web, while others are simply desperate for a sustainable revenue model. In thinking about this, let’s review how we paid… Continue reading How We Pay for Content

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