1980’s Cartoons and Online Success

When I think of the challenges that media companies are experiencing in conquering the online world, the list includes these items: Mastering new media Embracing the competition Measuring effectiveness Managing the cultural shift Respecting their foundation while preparing for the future Are these really so different from the challenges that our 1980’s cartoon friends experienced?… Continue reading 1980’s Cartoons and Online Success

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The Lifecycle of iPhone Ownership

The week of Apple’s launch of the iPhone has finally arrived. Whether it is a hit or a flop, I have a feeling that the following illustrations will pretty much cover our relationship with the iPhone over the next 12 months:

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Facebook: An Open Platform Moves the Internet Forward

Marc Andreessen takes a deep look into the new Facebook platform, concluding it is a “dramatic leap forward for the Internet industry.” Here’s why: “In a nutshell, the Facebook API enables outside web developers to inject new features and content into the Facebook environment. After signing up for a developer account on Facebook, the developer… Continue reading Facebook: An Open Platform Moves the Internet Forward