The Bionic Man Meets Social Networking

Facebook founder Mark ZuckerbergFacebook recently turned their social network into a “platform,” allowing any outside developer to create applications that can be used within it. There has been a land rush of activity, although some reports show that it has been more hype than not.

It seems that MySpace is following Facebook’s lead:

“MySpace is likely to change its technology strategy to allow other online companies to “plug” their web services directly into its social networking site…”

“The move would mark a new step in the evolution of social networks into fully fledged internet platforms, while opening a new front in the battle for audience share among the web’s fastest-growing companies.”

Like all other platform wars, it is interesting to see so many interesting new applications being developed, that can enhance each social network

Will these changes make each platform like our friend Steve Austin (aka “The Six Million Dollar Man” or “The Bionic Man”) “Better, stronger, and faster?”

Although, there is always the flip side: “Five Things That Could Kill Facebook.”

UPDATE: Fred Wilson’s take on why Facebook is “like nothing I’ve ever seen before in my 20 years in the VC business.”

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