The Network Effect of You

Today, I want to consider how social media is reshaping the life & career of one of my colleagues, and consider how this affects those in B2B media more broadly. Wes Kennedy (right) is the Group Art Director for Home Accents Today, Furniture Today, Kids Today and Design Today, and as he calls himself, he… Continue reading The Network Effect of You

Be Your Own Brand

The web is reshifting so many businesses, and certainly the world of media, publishing & journalism, which is where I focus a lot of my attention. Today, I want to explore how an individual journalist – or ANY individual – can build their own brand, boosting their career and delivering more value to their employer.… Continue reading Be Your Own Brand

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Group Hug: How to Build Community Using Forums & Social Media

(Major credit goes to Jeremiah Owyang and his community at for many (most!) of the tips listed below. I remixed many different articles & comments, so specific sources are credited at the end.) When trying to engage your industry and build community on your website, a strong focus on strategy, personal connections and specific… Continue reading Group Hug: How to Build Community Using Forums & Social Media