You Can Create – And It Should Be Shared

Chuqui and Scott Karp are pondering that user-generated content is a myth.

“This shouldn’t be surprising to people, because if you’ve run communities for any length of time, you’ll run into the 1% rule: in any community of size, the vast majority of your content is created by about 1% of the membership.”

“It’s that most people don’t create. Or don’t see themselves as creative. Or don’t see what they create as interesting. Or don’t see what they create as being AS INTERESTING as stuff other people are creating.”

I think that this last point is the lesson of Web 2.0. The tools to create and distribute your creations are becoming easier and easier to use, and of course, free. What we are experiencing is the education of an entire society, that they can create, and that their creations should be shared.

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