How to Work With Bloggers When Marketing Your Brand

As marketing online becomes more important for all businesses, Darren Rowse shares 21 tips for pitching your story to bloggers.

  • Comment First Pitch Later
  • Personalize it
  • Get their Details Right
  • Show You Know Who they Are
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Keep it Brief
  • Highlight Benefits
  • Keep it Simple
  • Research Your Question
  • Consider Time Zones When Calling
  • Don’t Stalk
  • Be Persistent
  • Avoid Press Releases
  • Keep on Topic
  • Be Polite and Courteous
  • Free Stuff Works, But….
  • Mention Your Blog
  • Link Up
  • Give an exclusive
  • Don’t Include Anything You Don’t Want Blogged in your Communications
  • A word on Embargoes

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