Independence Day

Today is my last day at Reed Business Information, after a decade of service. It has been an incredible journey, and I wanted to reflect a bit on it. I started in December of 2000, just as the first dot com bubble was popping. The past decade was the perfect time to be within a… Continue reading Independence Day

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Crowd vs Community

Earlier in the week, I talked about how the word ‘expert’ is being thrown around too often on the web. Today, I want to talk about another term that is used so often that it is losing it’s meaning: community. My goal here is not to complain about trendy words (that in itself would just… Continue reading Crowd vs Community

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Media is a Service, Not a Product

A reporter interviewed me this week for an article about the future of local newspapers. At first, he referred to the terms ‘newspaper’ and ‘journalism’ interchangeably, and I clarified that the lack of a definition for journalism is what hobbles many conversations about the future of newspapers. Newspapers are not a product, they are a… Continue reading Media is a Service, Not a Product

Why Social Media is Especially Powerful in B2B Markets

Image by wrestlingentropy In consumer media, you are often dealing with experts talking to non-experts. Perhaps its a chef writing an article to an amateur cook, an announcer explaining the intricacies of luge to an audience unfamiliar with the sport, or a journalist explaining how a new wi-fi device will compare to older versions on… Continue reading Why Social Media is Especially Powerful in B2B Markets


Wait. Until it is safe. Wait. Until you are certain. Wait. Until the model is proven. Wait. Until someone else moves first. Wait. Until the world validates your idea. Wait. Until you have the proper resources. Wait. Until everyone agrees on the opportunity. Wait. For someone else to take the risk. Wait. To see if… Continue reading Wait.

How Content Marketing Will Change Business Media

"Content marketing" is the latest buzzword to describe the future of media, of marketing, of publishing and of B2B. Here’s the gist: instead of companies blasting their target audience with obtrusive advertisements, they will instead provide helpful content. So, in essence, they become publishers, trainers, educators, and partners. And that’s kind of nice. I’d rather… Continue reading How Content Marketing Will Change Business Media