Independence Day

Today is my last day at Reed Business Information, after a decade of service. It has been an incredible journey, and I wanted to reflect a bit on it.

I started in December of 2000, just as the first dot com bubble was popping. The past decade was the perfect time to be within a single media company – experiencing the changes, the opportunities, the challenges, and the organizational dynamics.

I worked across 40+ business media brands, ranging from magazines, to events, to data services, and more. RBI is owned by global media giant, Reed Elsevier, and we had sister companies all over the world.

My role put me at the center of the digital media revolution, working with editorial teams to grow their online skills and presence, helping to build a network of over 300 bloggers, and developing social media strategies for business media brands. Every day was about technology, business, and people.

And that was the amazing part of the past decade: the people I had the pleasure of working with, both internal to the company and within the markets we served. I’ve learned so much from those I’ve worked with – and LOVED the passion they had for their markets.

With RBI-US having divested many of its brands, I have learned so much in the past two years during the sale process. How a large organization operates during a time of transition, and how 40 small brands do as well. I’ve learned a lot about leadership, fear, motivation and morale. I’ve watched carefully as companies purchased brands, the transition, and how they are evolving with new owners.

This experience has taught me more than any business school could have – a case study involving 50+ brands and several companies.

In many ways, Reed Business Information defined me in the past decade. My wife has never known me other than an employee of RBI.

Moving on is bittersweet. I have such respect for the brands I worked with, and feel honored to have worked with so many talented and inspired individuals.

There really is no saying goodbye. The people I have met at Reed over the past decade are spread out across the world, many are now at other companies, at other stages of their lives. We connect via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging. “Goodbye” lasts only as long as their next status update.

As appreciative as I am of the past, I am ready for change. I am ready to put my foot down on the gas pedal, and take my hands off the steering wheel. I’m ready for what’s next.

So, I’ve launched my own company, We Grow Media. Here, I will be doing three things:

  • Consulting with publishers and media companies to grow their online content & marketing strategies.
  • Training writers, editors, authors & journalists to build their online skills.
  • Working with businesses to develop content marketing initiatives.

In August, my wife gives birth to our first child. And, as much as my wife only knew me as being a part of RBI, my child will only know me beyond my time there. And I am unbelievably excited to build a future that the little one will be a part of.

So THANK YOU for all of your support over the past decade. One thing I know for sure: the future will only be created by us all working together.

If you feel I can help you out in your journey, give me a call: 973-981-8882. Here are some other ways you can connect with me:

Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend! For me, the timing couldn’t be more appropriate.


  1. It is fantastic to see someone speak /write with such integrity and passion given the turmoil you have experienced, I respect that enormously, I also respect, having done it myself anyone who sets up their own business. good luck and I hope Incisive Media becomes a client soon. Best Tim Weller CEO Incisive Media.

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