Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

The BBC looks at people’s expectations when it comes to the words “news” and “free”: “This is a generation who grew up with the world wide web. They usually get their news delivered to them in their e-mail inboxes or at the click of a button. It is difficult to persuade young people that news… Continue reading Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

Standalone Journalism

Now, there has been a lot of talk about readers/customers/users now expeciting/choosing/demanding to be involved in the process, to be able to create content, be given some control, or be part of a community. However, Paul Conley looks at things differently: “We will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by… Continue reading Standalone Journalism

Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Teen magazines are dropping like flies in favor of online counterparts that offer more interaction. Some of the thoughts surrounding these moves: “You can’t just be a magazine editor sitting in your office. You can no longer dictate. It is a two-way street.” This is how sites like MySpace, once seen as unrelated to publishing,… Continue reading Writer, Editor & Big Media Authority Dwindling?

Journalism, Innovation, the Web

Jeff Jarvis is asking some great questions, and working on the answers in a recent post about entrepreneurial journalism. While many publishers are working feverishly to create a successful online brand, marketshare, and profit, is the same innovation going into journalism itself? Or are they one and the same? One thing is for sure, the… Continue reading Journalism, Innovation, the Web

Free Digital Books

Google is now offering free digital books for download. There are quite a few limitations to the service so far, but the scale of what Google is doing behind the scenes with books is amazing. Their goal is to scan every book – collecting all the worlds knowledge. I am just glad that future generations… Continue reading Free Digital Books

Link Prudes

Paul Conley has a few interesting comments about publishers who are shy about including links within stories that take you to other websites: “It seems Crain Communications has decided that its Web sites are, in fact, part of the Web. The company has begun using external links in its articles.” In another entry, he finds… Continue reading Link Prudes

Blog Explosion

Now that the web offers us citizen journalism, and no barrier for entry to post news, opinions, or anything else you can think of, some are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. For those producing information on the web, some are feeling just plain lost. But this sudden overwhelming stream of content online is not… Continue reading Blog Explosion

News Revolution (again)

Dave Winer has caused a stir again. He has been setting up easy, readable news feeds from top news sites & blogs, that display well on your PDA, mobile phone, or blackberry. Ewan MacLeod has a great write-up of why this is important. Why does it take someone to do this out of frustration? Don’t… Continue reading News Revolution (again)