“This is a Total Revolution”

Business 2.0 has an article focusing on how Google can be both friend and foe to small business. But this passage jumped out at me as more anecdotal proof that things have changed drastically for print publishers: “More established businesses have been able to slash their marketing budgets by switching to search-term advertising. Ray Allen,… Continue reading “This is a Total Revolution”

Web to Print

The NY Times reports on a travel website that is now starting a quarterly magazine: “Mr. Sherman said the new magazine was aimed at the 25 percent most affluent subscribers to his newsletter, who he said wanted a publication that focused on what he called “luxury value.” This raises an interesting concept. As the ‘breaking-news’… Continue reading Web to Print

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Sunday Wrap Up

Just clearing out some remaining news and commentary for the week: The Bivings Report surveys the top 100 newspapers’ use of online offerings. “Socialmeter… scans several major link-tracking sites and spits back an analysis of your URL’s popularity” Darren Rowse discusses why bloggers call it quits. A brief but interesting article on 5 Ways to… Continue reading Sunday Wrap Up

Non-Profit, on Purpose

The New York Times has a report on two magazine brands that are thriving: AARP and Consumer Reports. Their parallels to the success of online communities is a key ingredient: “…perhaps most vexing to publishers are the online rivals that at first blush do not appear commercially motivated. Instead, these companies start from a position… Continue reading Non-Profit, on Purpose