A Pro/Con Look at the Value of Print

Mathew Ingram summarizes a pro/con view of the value of print, from the recent edition of MediaPost magazine. Pro: “David Zinczenko — editor of Men’s Health magazine — argues that print will always be with us, whether it’s magazines, newspapers or books. Why? Because, Zinczenko says, we like to display our intelligence or wealth or… Continue reading A Pro/Con Look at the Value of Print

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Print Becoming More Like Web

The NY Times and Wall Street Journal take a look at what is behind BusinessWeek’s redesign, and renewed focus on the web: Imitating the Web, for the Busy Reader “The Internet has hurt business magazines in particular, and the new BusinessWeek format — which includes more news summaries and fewer lifestyle articles — is meant… Continue reading Print Becoming More Like Web

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Journalism Evolving Past the Need for Paper

The New York Times’ deputy managing editor praised staffers for their ability to tell compelling stories online, without the need for the newspaper: “Times have changed. Our online storytelling skills have evolved to the point where you really can get the whole story without reading a newspaper article. It’s a remarkably rich experience that goes… Continue reading Journalism Evolving Past the Need for Paper

Wall Street Journal to Launch Glossy Magazine

The Wall Street Journal announced that it will launch a new magazine in its Saturday edition titled “Pursuits.” “Aimed at building the Journal’s consumer advertising revenue, including from luxury-goods and travel advertisers, the new magazine is expected to launch next September, distributed with the Journal’s Saturday edition. Its content will be made available free online,… Continue reading Wall Street Journal to Launch Glossy Magazine

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Print Ad Sales’ Dramatic Decline

Alan D. Mutter looks at some sober facts on the state of print advertising: “After six straight quarters of accelerating declines, newspaper print advertising sales in the first half of this year fell to the lowest level in a decade, according to statistics released today by the Newspaper Association of America.”

Future Technology: Amazing Ways to Bring Print Online

Paul Deffenbaugh sent me a great video that shows amazing ways to view information and images online. For those interested in ways to bring print online in a compelling way, check out the video one minute forty-five seconds in.

Grim Outlook for Print Magazines in Britain

The Independent looks at the grim prognosis for the future of magazines in Britain, as the figures for the first six months of 2007 from the Audit Bureau of Circulation were just released: “In every significant sector, the big newsstand brands are clearly feeling the pain. Glamour, the top-selling women’s monthly, has lost 41,000 readers… Continue reading Grim Outlook for Print Magazines in Britain

Time Inc. Finds Rough Waters in Print and Online

Matthew Flamm of NewYorkBusiness.com looks at Time Inc.’s difficulty in both web and print: “Time Magazine continues to lose ad pages despite its radical re-engineering of five months ago, and Fortune, Money and Business 2.0 have suffered double-digit advertising slides in the first half. But the decline of some of Time Inc.’s core print properties… Continue reading Time Inc. Finds Rough Waters in Print and Online

Journalism and Architecture

The New Yorker asks “What should a newsroom look like in the twenty-first century?” The article recounts the history of how newsrooms were designed around the needs of the printing process, and communication methods that did not include technology. The article compares two New York newsrooms: the new offices of the New York Times, and… Continue reading Journalism and Architecture