Another Threat to Print: The Green Movement

Steve Rubel is reflecting on his goal to become “Media Green,” that is, have his media consumption habits not adversely affect the environment. Among his changes: “Years ago I used to read three daily newspapers… I read lots of trade pubs too… I have almost completely ditched print in favor of reading online… I now… Continue reading Another Threat to Print: The Green Movement

Newspapers Band Together to Reclaim Ad Revenue

Some large newspaper brands are banding together to reclaim their ad revenue: “Five of the nation’s top newspaper companies are taking steps to create a national online advertising network they hope will help them recapture ad revenue leaking away from their print products.”

For One Brand: The End of Print… And Web

An interesting print and web shut down: “After nearly 100 years in print, Conde Nast will cease publishing House & Garden with the magazine’s December issue, WWD reported. Unlike previous such closures of print where the site lives on, in this case the site, will also be closed.”

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Reporters Told They Now Work for Web

The Naples Daily News has been revamping their reporting operation: “It happened a year ago at the Naples Daily News. Print reporters and photographers were all told that they no longer worked for the paper, says Phil Lewis, editor and vice president of Daily News. They were all transferred to–which the company now… Continue reading Reporters Told They Now Work for Web

Hearst President Doesn’t See Internet Overtaking Print

The Financial Times speaks with Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines: “When will digital revenues overtake print revenues? It may happen, but we run a huge revenue base with 19 magazines, and at this point digital is probably about 5 per cent of advertising revenue. We are seeing a lot of internet-sold subscriptions. But imagine… Continue reading Hearst President Doesn’t See Internet Overtaking Print

Creating a User-Generated Magazine

MarketingSherpa shares a case study of JPG magazine, which leveraged a community of user-generated content to create digital and print editions. Here are the six strategies they used: Select topics with a passionate audience who can contribute lots of material. Grow the community with viral tools. Provide incentives and recognition to encourage activity. Retain editorial… Continue reading Creating a User-Generated Magazine

Musicians Look to Licensing and Marketing; Not “Selling Out”

The music industry continues to give clues as to the affects of a traditional media model being displaced by digital. “The barriers are changing and we as artists are making less and less money, and we have to get creative,” notes Mr. McKagan, whose new band has licensed its music to a Victoria’s Secret commercial… Continue reading Musicians Look to Licensing and Marketing; Not “Selling Out”

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Missing Print

While Farhad Manjoo has given up his subscription to the print edition of the New York Times, he reviews all that he misses about print. One example: The newspaper, first and chiefly, is easy to skim… It’s like a shopping mall of news; you don’t have to enter every store to have any fun. Just… Continue reading Missing Print

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