The 24 Second News Cycle

The Onion looks at the future of news: “CNN is widely credited with initiating the acceleration of the modern news cycle with the fall 2006 debut of its spin-off channel CNN:24, which provides a breaking news story, an update on that story, and a news recap all within 24 seconds. In addition to creating its… Continue reading The 24 Second News Cycle

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Drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid

True, I am an Apple fan. However, even trying to reserve my normal “I love Apple” enthusiasm just isn’t working with the upcoming launch of the iPhone. Carrying around a truly usable version of the web can have profound effects on how people consume media. Have you seen these commercials yet?! But the real test… Continue reading Drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid

New York Times Reporters: We Are Bloggers Now

Scott Karp reports on blogging going mainstream, with the New York Times live blogging the recent Democrat debate: “The New York Times, “newspaper of record,” now brings you the record within minutes after the event happens. This is truly a sea change, and evidence that the New York Times is indeed changing its editorial standards… Continue reading New York Times Reporters: We Are Bloggers Now

Social Networks for Kids are Growing

The New York Times profiles “interactive play sites,” in which kids play with their friends online, exploring virtual worlds, and dressing up virtual dolls: “Millions of children and adolescents are spending hours on these sites, which offer virtual versions of traditional play activities and cute animated worlds that encourage self-expression and safe communication. They are,… Continue reading Social Networks for Kids are Growing

Newspapers See 22% Increase in Online Ad Revenue

The Newspaper Association of America has new estimates that indicates: “US newspaper groups experienced a 22 per cent increase in online advertising revenues but the sharp rise was not enough to offset the decline in revenues from traditional print advertising.”

WSJ, NYT, CNN, TIME Add Aggregation to their Websites

Scott Karp reports that many traditional media brands are adding aggregated third-party content to their sites, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time and CNN. Scott’s reasoning: “Linking to other media companies’ content used to be unthinkable for traditional media brands, but attitudes have changed after Google made $10 billion in advertising by… Continue reading WSJ, NYT, CNN, TIME Add Aggregation to their Websites