Despite Social Media, Face-to-Face Thrives

With communication technology as it is, the International Herald Tribune asks “So why does anybody go anywhere?” Their answer:“Because customers and clients expect it; because competitors travel; because the march of technology has not managed to produce an equal to the handshake.” As online social networking overwhelms so many lives, I don’t get the impression… Continue reading Despite Social Media, Face-to-Face Thrives

Good Content Needs Good Distribution

BusinessWeek talks about how content alone will not bring success to media companies – distribution is key: “What works for a media company’s stock price right now is the whizbang pairing of content with some kind of next-generation distribution.”

Publisher Tells Google to Stay Away from their Content

A Belgian newspaper has won a court order telling Google to stop reproducing their content through the Google Website:”We are asking for Google to pay and seek our authorisation to use our content … Google sells advertising and makes money on our content,” Boribon told Reuters, confirming reports in Belgian media.” As so many are… Continue reading Publisher Tells Google to Stay Away from their Content

Threats to Journalism

The story of HP’s tactics to uncover media leaks keeps getting deeper and more unnerving:  “HP’s leak investigation involved planting false documents, following HP board members and journalists, watching their homes, and obtaining calling records for hundreds of phone numbers belonging to HP directors, journalists and their spouses, according to a consultant’s report and the… Continue reading Threats to Journalism

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The Death of Podcasts

Fred Wilson has suspended his Podcast, and I have to say, I don’t blame him.There are two reasons Podcasts don’t work for me: Creation: It is not as easy as simply talking a blog entry, and posting it. It is an incredible amount of work to conceive, record, and edit.  Consumption: The internet has allowed… Continue reading The Death of Podcasts

Wayward Journalists, Please Come Back

I am once again impressed at Google’s constant tinkering to make a better experience for their users, and a more profitable place for its advertisers. Its latest effort focuses on user preferences: “This is designed to further ensure that users will find ads only when they’re most useful and advertisers will receive the most qualified… Continue reading Wayward Journalists, Please Come Back

Is it Too Late for Publishers?

David Carr asks this question in the New York Times: “Can traditional publishing provide the kind of growth required by a public company?” He goes on to profiles Time, Inc.’s current situation. Time’s CEO Ann S. Moore states: “We can’t just take all our old magazine people and turn them into multiplatform geniuses… we are… Continue reading Is it Too Late for Publishers?

Old Media Meets New Media

A report that traditional media companies are doing better online that previously indicated: “There has been a lot of handwringing about media companies not making any money in the online world but what the data show is that their position is better than we would have assumed. Traditional media firms have worked hard at finding… Continue reading Old Media Meets New Media

Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

A quote from Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corp: “I believe that mobile could be one of the greatest media platforms ever created. It could rival television, the Internet and literally anything.” I would have to agree with him. In an age where hospitals rely on just-in-time delivery of supplies in… Continue reading Enter the Age of Mobile Publishing

Women in Journalism

Courtney Lowery offers a different perspective on how digital media is affecting journalism: “I’ve been hit on by sources, told “attagirl” by one of my reporters, and just this week had a freelancer sign off in an email with “thanks darlin.’” That kind of condescension I’ve become accustomed to. But not once, in all of… Continue reading Women in Journalism