Earning “Well Over Six Figures Per Year” By Blogging

Darren Rowse shares the services he uses to make money blogging: Google AdSense Chitika Amazon Associates Private Ad Sales/Sponsorships Text Link Ads Job Boards Miscellaneous Affiliate Programs Miscellaneous Advertising Programs It should be noted that he earns “well over six figures per year” with minimal costs.

Marketers, Customers and Relationships

Tara E. Hunt explains to marketers why people are disenfranchised with their brands: “Truly long lasting brands are those who build RELATIONSHIPS with their customers, who then go off and recommend them to others they have RELATIONSHIPS with. Those pop up ads? Billboards? Television commercials? They are just interrupting people, which ends up annoying them.… Continue reading Marketers, Customers and Relationships

The Divide Between Journalists and PR Professionals

A new survey indicates that many journalists do not think very highly of public relations professionals they deal with: “According to the findings, almost half of journalists generally believe PR people don’t understand their media or the subjects they cover, bespeaking a greater need for media research before pitching or distributing press materials. Indeed, 45%… Continue reading The Divide Between Journalists and PR Professionals

Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Barry Graubart finds two interesting points in the latest research from Hitwise: “UK web traffic to social network sites has now exceeded that to web-based email systems like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.” “Hitwise shows that clicks to retail sites from social networks exceeded the traffic sent by the email sites. Let me repeat that… Continue reading Social Networks Eclipse Email in UK Marketing

Content as Marketing: How Online Video Helps the Networks

Melissa Lafsky asks “Is Web Video Really Hurting TV?” and finds some intriguing answers: “…the brevity and accessibility of Web clips can raise awareness of a show, give viewers a taste of its content, and thereby entice more viewers to catch the show when it airs on a network. These findings are contrary to the… Continue reading Content as Marketing: How Online Video Helps the Networks

Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative

I have been reading about “Martha’s Circle,” a new initiative from Martha Stewart to select and aggregate blogs around key topical areas that Martha’s audience appreciates. I immediately began thinking about what this meant for large publishers like Martha Stewart, and for small bloggers. My mind raced between ideas around building community, disseminating long tail… Continue reading Martha Stewart’s “Community” Marketing Initiative

Marketers to Spend More on Blogs

Some believe that marketers stay away from sponsoring blogs because of the uncertain nature of the content and comments each day. That may be changing: “Jen McClure, founder and executive director of the Society for New Communications Research, a think tank on new media, said at the conference that businesses and publishers are taking blogs… Continue reading Marketers to Spend More on Blogs

Cutting Out the (Media) Middleman

Jeff Jarvis continues to chat about his Dell case study… but it never gets old: “Dell and its customers are collaborating on the creation of content, media and marketing – without content, media or marketing companies. Advertising is no one’s first choice as the basis of a relationship. For marketers, it’s expensive and inefficient. For… Continue reading Cutting Out the (Media) Middleman

Commenting on Other People’s Blogs can Drive Traffic to Yours

Darren Rowse has a great example of how commenting on other people’s blogs can drive traffic to yours. Blogger Caroline Middlebrook spends a lot of time commenting on other blogs: “The key to her success with this is that Caroline doesn’t spam blogs with meaningless comments – but she contributes to the conversations already happening,… Continue reading Commenting on Other People’s Blogs can Drive Traffic to Yours