5 Tips to Learn More About Your Competition

Ouriel Ohayon offers tips on learning more about your competition, especially for startups, which can be particularly difficult to get data on: List your competitors. Get analytics on them from multiple sources. Track job boards. Attend conferences attended by your competitor. Meet them.

Google Founders Speak

I was watching a video of a Q&A session with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and couldn’t stop thinking about which I thought sounded more like Bert from Sesame Street. Oh well.

Do You Want a Large Audience, or a High Value Audience?

What is of more value: a large audience, or a smart, engaged audience? Robert Scoble takes a look at how much traffic he gets to his blog from those who link to him. He concludes that overall, few referrers give him loads of traffic; and those that do, may not be the audience he wants:… Continue reading Do You Want a Large Audience, or a High Value Audience?

Are Blog Networks the Future of Newspapers?

Scott Karp asks: Should Newspapers Become Local Blog Networks? “What’s becoming clear is that blogs are now the organizing principle for newspapers’ original online content. And these are “real” blogs, i.e. driven by one or two individual bloggers, with (often active) comments, RSS feeds, the whole nine yards.” “…maybe what newspapers should become in the… Continue reading Are Blog Networks the Future of Newspapers?

Newspaper Ad Sales in Decline

The Wall Street Journal reports on newspapers’ ad sales accelerating drop: “Right now, you’ve got a perfect storm,” says Edward Atorino, an analyst with financial broker Benchmark Co. He predicts total ad revenue will fall 4.3% this year. The decline will be one of the steepest in history.” Jon Fine of BusinessWeek asks “When Do… Continue reading Newspaper Ad Sales in Decline