Google Moves in on Niche Markets

Google is launching a customized search tool, moving in on niche markets, where smaller players have tried to be the “Google” of a certain industry. From the Financial Times: “By letting companies and individuals build their own specialised search engines, it will also create competition for the many new “vertical” search products that have recently… Continue reading Google Moves in on Niche Markets

Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?

Cnet looks at the changing nature of trust and information online in an article titled, “Most reliable search tool could be your librarian.” “Most people don’t bother to look at results past the first page or spend much time evaluating the source of the material, experts say.” “There’s a problem with information illiteracy among people.… Continue reading Are All of Our Eggs in Google’s Basket?

Click Fraud

Steve Rubel pointed out a new BusinessWeek cover story on click fraud. The article looks at: “…a dizzying collection of scams and deceptions that inflate advertising bills for thousands of companies of all sizes. The spreading scourge poses the single biggest threat to the Internet’s advertising gold mine and is the most nettlesome question facing… Continue reading Click Fraud

Search Engine Rankings

“comScore Networks today released its monthly qSearch analysis of activity across competitive search engines… Google Regains Some Ground from Previous Month’s Share Decline with 0.4 Share Point Increase in August Rankings.”

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Instilling a Sense of SEO

Search Engine Watch reports on creating a culture of Search Engine Optimization within a company:  “To facilitate communication, Simmonds actively seeks out projects that require involvement across multiple units. The formula integrates search into the workflow via a series of small changes that deliver big results. He has also provided significant support, including a dedicated… Continue reading Instilling a Sense of SEO

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Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Google has launched a search archive of 200 years worth of newspapers. From The New York Times: “This symbolizes a major moment,” said Allen Weiner, a research director at Gartner, a market research firm. Google has reached an accommodation with the content companies that will benefit both sides, he said.” What is interesting is how… Continue reading Google Releases Newspaper Archive

Tapping the B2B Audience via Search

Earlier this month, the Search Engine Strategies conference looked at search advertising for B2B companies. Some findings: “…remember the importance of basic marketing strategies like including keywords in the headline of the ad, coupling ad groups with relevant landing pages, highlighting product benefits rather than features and constant testing of ad variations.” One company did… Continue reading Tapping the B2B Audience via Search

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