Instilling a Sense of SEO

Search Engine Watch reports on creating a culture of Search Engine Optimization within a company: 

“To facilitate communication, Simmonds actively seeks out projects that require involvement across multiple units. The formula integrates search into the workflow via a series of small changes that deliver big results. He has also provided significant support, including a dedicated email address, a search center, an SEO discussion board, training, reports, chats and newsletters. For those on the execution side, there are checklists that remind employees to consider titles, annotations on all links and keyword rich anchor text. “Everyone owns search,” he declared.” 

“The newsroom, however, is an uphill battle. A prime example is the evolution of headlines, which itself earned a dedicated New York Times article ‘This Boring Headline is Written for Google.’ For Simmonds, this means explaining consumer speak and search patterns on a daily basis. “It isn’t ‘A Marriage Made in Heaven’, but a ‘Treo 700,” he said. The newsroom doesn’t always take such advice kindly. “They will be damned if you will teach them how to write. They see the writing on the wall and they see where it is going,” he concluded.?And they most certainly should. The New York Times and have experienced a significant increase in visitors from search. The former earns about 22% and the latter an impressive 80%.”   


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