Is Yahoo! Broken? The Web Debates…

The past few days have seen quite a few prominent articles that question Yahoo!’s leadership position online. From the “peanut butter memo,” to the New York Times analysis of Yahoo!’s brand – the buzz on the web is that the company is at a crossroads.

Fred Wilson took a look at Yahoo!’s numbers to see if they were losing marketshare. He found they weren’t, with the conclusion:

“While the Internet may be far from mature, many of the leading businesses on the Internet are starting to be.”

Dave Winer adds to the Yahoo! conversation with three points:

  1. There is no way to make them lean and focused, that’s not how big companies work.
  2. Yahoo should continue to buy their innovation from outside, because that’s where innovation comes from.
  3. What Yahoo may need is someone who can speak for them, who can give an exciting speech, who can lead all the external forces, and internal ones too.

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