Portfolio Magazine: The New Yorker for Investment Bankers

Conde Nast is launching a new business magazine: Portfolio. The New York Times gives us details on the creation of Portfolio, with some interesting quotes & info: “We’re not giving you peas and carrots… We want to capture the glamour… Business is about power. And guts. And passion. Business coverage should be too… Readers will… Continue reading Portfolio Magazine: The New Yorker for Investment Bankers

Do Readers Prefer the Web to Print?

A recent study by the Poynter Institute, a Florida-based journalism school has found that those who read news on the web, have a greater attention span than those who read print – reading more of the articles they choose to read.

Will Editors Simply Become “Sifters?”

The Wall Street Journal has an eye-opening interview with Jack Kliger, president-CEO of Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. The chat focused on a couple of the print magazines that recently switched to web-only, including ELLEgirl and Premiere. On the roll of editors in an online world: “First of all, the editorial staffs [from print to web]… Continue reading Will Editors Simply Become “Sifters?”

Print Readers Want to Know: “What’s in it for Me?”

CBS News reports on the changing landscape for newspapers and print editors. Some of the ways they are adapting: Pushing readers to go to their website for ‘breaking news.’ Focusing stories on how national news affects their community. Creating more articles from each topic. In terms of catering to the needs of local audiences, Samir… Continue reading Print Readers Want to Know: “What’s in it for Me?”

How the Audience Has Changed

More and more, people are consuming media differently, and have radically re-engineered how they communicate with the world. Jim Courtney of Skype Journal takes a look at our always on” culture. For media companies, this is very telling of how the lives of your audience has changed. Do people read less print media because of… Continue reading How the Audience Has Changed

Sooner Than You Thought: The Death of Print

IDG is no longer a print media company. The state of things, according to IDG SVP of Online Colin Crawford: “The brutal reality that we’re facing today is the costly process of dismantling and replacing legacy operations and cultures and business models with ones with new and yet to be fully proven business models. However,… Continue reading Sooner Than You Thought: The Death of Print

The Demise of Print Media

Rupert Murdoch reflects on print media’s changing place in our culture: “It scares me. Young readership is going down. The culture has changed. No one sits down and readers the paper with breakfast anymore. It’s a shame, because it gives you the opportunity to learn a great deal about the world. If you just read… Continue reading The Demise of Print Media

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News of the Week

Interesting news from around the web: The LA Times gives a fascinating look at the real value of journalism in the world. In the article, Susan D. Moeller and Moisés Naím talk about the deaths of reporters in search of truth, including the recent death of Anna Politkovskaya. “It is harder to quash the millions… Continue reading News of the Week

Print is Dying

The future is now: “Europeans now spend more of their week online than they do reading newspapers or magazines, according to a report.” While many may scoff at reports like this, it is hard to ignore a trend that will dramatically shape the next generation of information products: “…15-24 year-olds spend most time online, with… Continue reading Print is Dying