Freeing Our Mobile Phones

The New York Times gives a good overview of the ways mobile carriers are restricting customers, holding back innovation for mobile phones, and some of the initiatives now underway to “free” us. “[Mobile providers] do everything they can to keep power firmly in their own hands. It is entirely at the carriers’ discretion to permit,… Continue reading Freeing Our Mobile Phones

The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

Marion Jensen is thinking about “the next big thing,” and finds “location” as the answer: “You can access information about a location, but it’s still at your desk. The real revolution will come when this information can be accessed completely and easily from a mobile device, while you’re at that location.” “The next big thing… Continue reading The Next Big Thing: Tagging and the Mobile Web

The Lifecycle of iPhone Ownership

The week of Apple’s launch of the iPhone has finally arrived. Whether it is a hit or a flop, I have a feeling that the following illustrations will pretty much cover our relationship with the iPhone over the next 12 months:

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Drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid

True, I am an Apple fan. However, even trying to reserve my normal “I love Apple” enthusiasm just isn’t working with the upcoming launch of the iPhone. Carrying around a truly usable version of the web can have profound effects on how people consume media. Have you seen these commercials yet?! But the real test… Continue reading Drinking the iPhone Kool-Aid

Connecting the Islands of Information

Read/Write Web looks at the coming transformation of the web as bits of individualized pieces of information, to a the web becoming a system of “web services that integrate this information in more useful ways. “Some web sites will follow the example of Amazon, and Flickr and will offer their information via a REST… Continue reading Connecting the Islands of Information

How the Audience Has Changed

More and more, people are consuming media differently, and have radically re-engineered how they communicate with the world. Jim Courtney of Skype Journal takes a look at our always on” culture. For media companies, this is very telling of how the lives of your audience has changed. Do people read less print media because of… Continue reading How the Audience Has Changed

Mobile Service Providers Revamp Strategy for Content

With mountains of data poised to go mobile, cell phone carriers are changing strategy in their stronghold on what gets through: “When Verizon and other U.S. cellphone carriers began selling mobile content like ringtones, games and wallpaper a few years ago, they kept a tight grip on what consumers could buy, allowing content to be… Continue reading Mobile Service Providers Revamp Strategy for Content

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